With two hit series, CHOP CUT REBUILD … and STREET TUNER CHALLENGE currently airing on the Fox specialty network SPEED – WAS Productions represents the most prominent and successful entertainment / media subsidiary of its parent DARO Communications Inc. - within the United States and Canada.

Founded by CEO Dan Woods in 1997, DARO Communications produced the acclaimed television series “ Classic Car Restorations” . With original airings on the Speedvision, this episodic series has gained international exposure with on-going second window broadcasts in Europe and Canada .

DARO Communications and its subsidiaries have directly and through association, produced hundreds of hours of film and television products, including the docu-drama “ Of No Fixed Address” and the award winning feature film “ The Happy Couple” – To better apply the companies considerable experience and success in the broad spectrum of film and television, the inception of WAS PRODUCTIONS INC. was launched in 2004. The vibrant television production entity envisioned and aspired to - has rapidly gained a distinctive brand reputation in the industry.

The primary mandate of WAS Productions, is to maintain and grow the corporate principles and operations the parent company using a documentary style and an automotive theme as its catalyst. Meticulous attention toward entertainment and production values retains the overall corporate philosophy.

The creative team overseeing all facets of production has been scrupulously acquired. The concept of ‘We're Always Shooting' has become more than a driving line for Was Productions – representing the primary objectives for production and merit the entire company strives for in all titles bearing the WAS Productions brand name - A corporate title internationally enhanced when “ Chop Cut Rebuild” - premiered in August 2006 throughout Central and South America on FOX Latin America and across Europe on Discovery UK, while “ Street Tuner Challenge” continues to entertain an enthusiastic audience, providing growing ratings in over 60 territories with broadcast partners such as Discovery Asia, FOX Latin America, FOX Australia, AMS Russia, and throughout the Middle East on EGO-TV.

Future project developments are assessed under the mandate of - “Growth by merit over necessity” as the corporate standard toward the future.


For submission policies and inquires contact: info@wasproductions.com